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Property Management

Good property management is essential to achieving maximum cash flow. 

Our Services

  • Preparation, organization and chairmanship of meetings of the Board of Directors. Bilingual drafting and distribution of minutes.

  • Preparation, organization and chairmanship of the Annual General Meeting and other meetings of the Co-owners. Bilingual drafting and distribution of minutes.

  • Bilingual writing and distribution of notices.

  • Ensure that all building regulations are followed.

  • Keeping records (including REQ) up to date.

  • Negotiation and renewal of the insurance policy.

  • Respond to questions/service requests.




& Accountable

About Us

Tomahawk Property Management Inc. is a real estate management company specializing in the management of buildings and condominium towers in the Montreal region and its surroundings.


“We were very surprised with the service, working with companies sometimes is difficult. There was even an Indian representative who was very helpful in explaining the process and helping us out through and through. This made us want to leave good feedback, for other immigrant clients; who wish to work with Tomahawk! ”

The Liovas's

"We have been close friends for a significant amount of time—roughly nine years. W ,e entirely hand over all of our assets to Tomahawk. Our properties are kept up and arranged so that my wife and I can continue to buy more and add to our portfolio. Tomahawk is honestly one of the few companies we would trust."

Johnathan & Mary

"This was my first time working with Tomahawk, and it was stressful without having met anyone in person. After our relationship got going, they made the procedure quite simple, and I haven't been let down. Whether it comes to the price to charge or his availability, the proprietor, Jean Felix, definitely keeps his word."

Joshua Gagnon.

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