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Our Projects

The Nelson’s Project

The Gauthier's Project

    Via a family friend of ours, we were contacted by the Gauthier family, who wanted to construct on a particular piece of property. We provided assistance in locating the contractors required to construct the property.
They had made the decision to rent the property late in the game in order to generate income. We now take care of all of their property maintenance needs.

20131 Grove Street

The Thomas Family 

We thrive even when dealing with clients from other countries; we executed this assignment remotely. Within 6 to 9 months, our contractors completed the work. Both Mrs. and Mr. Thomas desired to finish this task remotely and then visit their new home when it was ready to accept tenants. We are currently in charge of managing this property!

The Jefferson’s Lake House

The Thomas Family Lake House

Working with customers is fun for us, especially when they allow us access to their immediate family members. At times, it feels like we are seeing the beginning of a happy, fulfilling existence. We were totally hands-on with this job, working with the contractors and even picking up a shovel and doing some work ourselves! We now manage their property when they are away! 

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